Create a spooky story with Geoff

For Halloween 2016 we created a new project including our very own wizard! Geoff the Wizard was first introduced as a predicting wizard at the time of the EU referendum.

After gathering ideas for Halloween, we agreed our favourite idea was to create an online spooky story maker. You can still create a story with Geoff now!

Our idea

We had recently been given a Monday morning challenge, where we each took it in turn to say a word, which then made a sentence, which made a story. This was great fun and resulted in some off stories, this was part of the inspiration for Geoff’s story maker.

We took a look at lots of online story makers. Often they were a simple web page, presenting various fields for the user to fill out, which of course resulted in a story including the inputs. We wanted to create exactly this, but with a huge splash of Createful.

How we did it

We started this project by creating some spooky story templates. We began with one story, leaving blanks for adjectives, verbs, nouns etc.

After we had all tested this template, we soon discovered it worked well and the user could make the stories as scary or as hilarious as they liked! It was a great platform to get inventive and make something ‘Createful’.

Creating the stories was a joint effort, we decided to make the final stories short, related to digital and linked to Createful in some way. We made sure the fields were varied and all users could create something spooky or a little bit silly and fun.

With one story template complete and the rest in progress, the development team got to work on the back-end of the website and our Digital Designer, Michelle worked on the front-end, creating a spooky atmosphere for Geoff the Wizard.

It came apparent that Geoff would also need a bit of a Halloween makeover. One of our Developers and super talented caricaturist, Stanton took on the responsibility of generating Geoff’s new look.

The stories were also made sharable, this is an important aspect. Sharing not only allows people to show off their stories to everyone, it also means Geoff is shared and more people can discover our fun Halloween campaign.

At Createful, we have a passion for mobile and web. We always make sure our projects are suited for multiple devices. This means lots of testing and sometimes style amends to fit multiple screen sizes.

In this case, modal screens displayed when on a large enough screen. Although, when on a smaller device the question modal will take up the whole screen. A swear filter was also implemented, to stop people using those naughty words!

We increased sharing by announcing a competition. We allowed all story creators the chance to share their stories with us on Twitter, our favourite was rewarded with a Halloween goody bag!