Merry Gifmas!

Gifmas was an idea that had been floating around our heads for a while before we created it. Christmas 2015, Gifmas was born! A web based project integrating with Twitter, the perfect opportunity to test our skills and create something really fun and festive.

Our idea

The idea was simple, users tweeted a festive message including ‘#gifmas’ and our system replied to the user with a link to their very own gif.

For example, if the tweet read, “Santa loves mince pies #gifmas” a gif relating to these words would be generated. In this case, an image of Santa, a generic Christmas image and some mince pies.

We collected a huge amount of images and related each to Christmas themed words. We also collected some generic Christmas images to be used for the words in a tweet that weren’t necessarily related to Christmas (in this case ‘loves’).

How we did it

In the month before we released Gifmas, we had an internal hack day, a whole day to spend on the project as a team. We stocked up on delicious mince pies, put the Christmas playlist on and got to work!

The Createful design team started sketching and searching for inspiration. The final result was a fun, simplistic design which you can see above.

The development team started building the back-end of the system and tested throughout. The rest of the team collected the images to be used in the gifs and also helped testing.

We created a new Twitter account, used to reply to the user with their gif. We also displayed the gifs on their own website, allowing people to visit the site and see the gifs created by others. We didn’t want the project to be solely based on one platform.