Geoff the predicting wizard

This project was completely web based, inline with the EU referendum, we aimed to create something informative but with a fun twist. In Spring 2016 the idea formed from a complete tangent. Our ‘Be Createful’ meetings normally have a loose topic assigned to them but in this case our minds were set free to be as imaginative as possible.

Our idea

This particular ‘Be Createful’ meeting sparked the idea of a predicting wizard! The European Cup was coming up and we wanted to get involved. After lots of ideas and discussion, the team realised that most of us had no real interest in the European Cup, or football at all, so we let our imaginations run free!

At Createful we feel that everything we work on should be something we are passionate about and really believe in.

Initially we were going to stick with the football theme and create Geoff the predicting wizard, who would predict the winner of each match. Possibly this could peak our interest in football? Instead we used the idea behind Geoff the predicting wizard to put a light-hearted spin on something a lot of people cared about, the EU Referendum. We aimed to create a website which would be informative but also a bit of fun.

Geoff the Wizard was built to randomly choose between two options, in this case being ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’. The idea itself is dynamic, which is great as we could use the same system for multiple Createful ideas, meaning Geoff always has a job to do!

This project allowed us to incorporate our web skills with animation, this was a great opportunity as it’s something we don’t get the chance to do regularly.

Geoff the Wizard has now become part of Createful’s identity and has been included in agency events like the Love Cake Agency Bake Off.

How we did it

Firstly, one of our developers and excellent caricaturist, Stanton started sketching some ideas of how our very own wizard could look, you can see some of these above. Stanton then brought Geoff to life using Blender, a 3D creation suite.

One of our Digital Designers, Michelle started creating designs for the website, inspired by the EU flag. We aimed for a simple, one page website which followed the blue and yellow colour scheme. Stanton and Michelle worked closely together to create Geoff’s first website, with the rest of the team’s input when needed.

We created a Twitter account for Geoff which gave him a bit more character, and now he’s like our very own mascot!